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Levites Christian University, Inc.

LCU Offers Executive Programs for Weekend and Distance Learning

Our Executive Programs are carefully designed, customize and tailored
to remove any difficulty and time constraint

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Levites Christian university

Awards and Graduation Ceremony

Saturday 31st March 2018 At the University of Lagos Guest House (Lecture Theater) Akoka

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Learn from instructors with real-ministry experience

Spirit-filled and Skilled Instructors

They’ll share accumulated knowledge and offer relevant, meaningful support as you focus on your future and make plans to serve God through the Church.

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Programs that matters

Programs in Selling Vocations

LEVITES will continue to develop curricula in the most in-demand areas of Church Education, Theology and Information Technology for the benefit of the Church of God.

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Distance Learning

At LCU, you will study in a flexible way that works for you whether you’re at home, at work or on the move.


We maintain a strategic partnership with all churches irrespective of their denomination or persuasions.

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LCU opens up a new possibilities to students wishing to begin, continue or advance current knowledge & credentials.

About Us

LCU is a leading Christian educational institution respected for its excellent and exciting innovations in providing value-adding solutions to church educational needs. Over the years, the ministry has leveraged on its underlying resilience to grow its assets base, and to successfully retain our key ministerial relationships.

  • Spirit-filled and Skilled Instructors.
  • Real Spirit-filled Programs.
  • An Empirical Approach to Church Education.
  • The Blended Learning Option.
  • Programs in Selling Vocations

We do not offer courses for secular or industrial consumption.









Equipping the saints for the work of ministry

Levites Christian University is established to make the revealed knowledge of God useful to His willing children, who have understanding of time to know what the Church ought to be doing, seeing that the night is far spent.

Entry Qualification

Inspire and be inspired. Challenge and be challenged. Discover a focus and intensity greater than you may have thought possible. Find out our entry qualification.

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We presently maintain a strategic partnership with all churches irrespective of their denomination, persuasions, and with some international religious institutions.

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Distance Learning

The Levites Christian University Distance Learning Institute is the world’s leading provider of flexible, high quality Christian distance learning.

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Get the latest announcement and information of Levites Christian University and its allied ministries for prospective and current students.

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Programs and Durations

At LCU, we schedule our classes for efficiency and effectiveness. That means you will not be spending more time than is neccessary.

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Christianity should no longer be limited to the altar; in our studies, we investigate the ways social issues affect the church.

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We have highlighted some courses for you. Feel free to checkout the whole programs.

PhD 7.5 ECTS

Christianity and Entrepreneurship

The purpose with this course is to introduce a number of relevant and useful research perspectives within the entrepreneurship field.

Details Grading scale: Fail, Pass
M.A. 4000-level course

Biblical Servant Leadership

This course will explore the practice of leadership from a biblical servant leader point of view and the various styles of leadership.

Details Grading scale: Fail, Pass
B.A. RELS 250


Study of the ministry of Jesus as is in the gospels, taking into consideration the Hebrew, Greek, and Roman cultural contexts.

Details Grading scale: Fail, Pass
Diploma TS201

Theology I

This is the first of a two part series on basic Theology. This covers Christian doctrines related to the Bible, God, Angles, Man and Sin.

Details Grading scale: Fail, Pass
M.A. MACH 6353

Ministry to Families

This course will survey what the church can do to minister to the family as a unit, not just as the individual parts.

Details Grading scale: Fail, Pass
B.A. RELS 01


Deals with articulating the reasonableness of Christian faith as well as developing meaningful responses to common objections.

Details Grading scale: Fail, Pass

Our Programs

Check out our Spirit-filled programs.

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Enroll for our Diploma program and discover a focus and intensity greater than you may have thought possible.

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Bachelor Program

Develop a Christianity analytical and creative thinking and build leadership skills in an innovative environment.

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Masters Program

Our Masters Program are for Christians who desire to develop their strengths in management and leadership.

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Doctorate Program

Our Doctorate program is designed to develop outstanding Christian scholars for careers in the ministry.

I got a lot of leadership experience studying in LCU. The curriculum stretch far beyond Christian theology.



Happy Student

Studying in Levites was a wonderful opportunity for me. LCU tutors are professionals and committed to teaching.



Happy Student

Being a working class married man means I had little time for myself; but with LCU, I was able to learn while I work.



Happy Student

Our Facilities

Levites Christian University provides an enabling environment for its students. We understand that it is best to educate in a conducive environment hence we always maintain a modern classroom for our students.



Get access to free online eLearning portal and read books from anywhere in the world.



LCU gives its students and alumni unlimited access to books for research and academical purposes.

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